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Our Response To Recent Social Injustice

Our Response to Recent Social Injustice

Dear members of the Second Nature family,

I am writing on behalf of the Second Nature team to express our deep heartache and anguish regarding the recent instances of racism, inequality, and hatred in our communities and the profoundly troubling circumstances surrounding them.  Furthermore, we are disappointed in the continued discrimination and brutal actions toward the minority populations in the United States.

Before the first half of this year was even over, we saw too many friends, family members, and members of our communities killed, tortured, and treated like no human being should be treated. From the brutality toward the black community to transphobia toward members of the trans community, some of which have led to violent deaths of our fellow citizens.

We say to our clients, colleagues, and community partners, we weep with you, stand with you, and commit to being resolute with you in calling for justice for the countless people who have fallen victim to the prejudices infecting our country.  The sheer absence of humanity rips our hearts apart and we will continue advocating for change and reform in our communities.  Hatred, bigotry, and violence in any form will only devastate our lives and destroy our communities.  An attack against even one person is an attack against us all.

We ardently want peace for our community, locally and nationwide.  We promise we will remain relentless in our commitment to building a society of understanding and respect for all.  We commit to channeling our sorrow and fury into inclusive forms of positive change that will contribute to fighting inequality and the depths of injustice that separate and stifle us.

We passionately support public displays of protest and we join our community in acts of activism around the region.  It is imperative that we assert our first amendment rights of free speech and assembly.  It is critical to use our voices so that our community leaders and decision makers hear them.

There is a considerable amount of work to do.  We promise to continue our commitment to influencing a future of peace and equal treatment.  Therefore, we are reviewing our policies to ensure inclusion and equal treatment continue to be at the forefront of everything we do.

I encourage anyone to reach out to us for support, resources, and to share and process your concerns.  If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please call us at (518) 518-1080 or email us at


Steven W. DiMarzo